Stefan Schultze (Klavier)
Peter Ehwald (Saxophon)
Tom Rainey (Schlagzeug)

„Ehwald und Schultze haben alles im Griff. Mit exzellentem Timing und Sinn für überraschende, harmonische Wendungen improvisieren die beiden über eigene Stücke“

schreibt Hans Hielscher im Spiegel über die aufregende Zusammenarbeit dieser beiden spannenden Deutschen Jazzmusiker. Für sechs Konzerte treffen Peter Ehwald und Stefan Schultze auf den herausragenden New Yorker Schlagzeuger und Improvisator Tom Rainey. Rainey, der mit Musikern wie Kenny Werner, Fred Hersch und Tim Berne zusammengearbeitet hat, ist eine der wichtigsten Stimmen im modernen Jazz. Das Trio entwickelt in einem virtuosen, melodischen Austausch neue Räume, in denen die Klänge, traumwandlerisch schweben und trotzdem energisch pulsieren.


[…]an extremely sensitive and at the same time expressive album, a successful example of intimate chamber jazz with ascetic, concentrated power.
– Heinrich Brinkmöller-Becker, nrwjazz.net, 11th December 2017

A breath that becomes a sound, that becomes a melodic motif. A piano motif like an echo. A caesura that has at least as much to say as the emphatically-open dialogue afforded by saxophonist Peter Ehwald and his pianistic partner Stefan Schultze that reveals itself as a process of searching, especially at the beginning of the new album. Better to raise one question too many than to succumb to the temptation of a hasty answer at some point. What the two have now been tackling for years shows a deep harmony that can only exist with the affirmation of the differences between their two characters. From this approach, the pair took on New York drummer Tom Rainey into their midst. And in this constellation he proves to be a powerful contributor and source of inspiration – for it is precisely the intertwined, asymmetrical rhythmic patterns that immensely enriches the intuitive symbiosis of Ehwald/Schultze.
The pieces that emerge from this go in different, rarely predictable and often somewhat labyrinthine directions – but never without a decisive approach in the form of a compositional idea. Nothing is superficial in this common kaleidoscope of musical fantasy. They let it run when something is good, and sometimes boldly take it to the extreme. Without being contrived, because everyone remains confidently true to themselves when connect with the ideas of the other two. For example, when Stefan Schultze solos turn highly emotionally on the piano and Peter Ehwald delivers spherical, sometimes even hymnic answers on the saxophone. This and much more releases abrupt eruptions on this new recording, but also carries you away into enchantingly atmospheric dream sequences, some of which are intended as a homage to Morton Feldman.
This listening pleasure is complex, unpredictable, and often profound. But the experience behind it is exemplary!
– Stefan Pieper, Jazzzeitung, July 2017

Schultze und Ehwald both relish exploring the melodic contours of the pieces, which are often reflective, even dreamy, while Rainey’s cymbal color play remains the epitome of sensitivity.
– John Sharpe, The New York City Jazz Record, 2017

One of the most exciting Jazz albums this year!
– HIFI Stars, 2017

The attraction of this extremely emotional music lies in the tension between these three individuals – from the diversity of their musical paths leading to a common goal.
– Rainer Bratfisch, Jazzpodium, 09/2017

The eleven tracks of this incredibly refined, rousing concept album are exciting – getting under your skin and tingling upon it, both exciting and meditative.
– Sabine Kaufmann, musenblaetter.de, 2017

Something happens all the time, constant movement demands attention that is very fulfilling, because you can imagine yourself in the midst of these conversations, either listening dreamily or rocking along with your whole body.
– Wolfgang Giese, musikansich.de, 2017

A strong album, where three protagonists play with at least as much devotion to each other as they give their own virtuosity while playing together.
– Daniel Kluger, musikreviews.de, 2017

Free jazz without noise, because even in the most spontaneous moments there is that quiet restraint that Morty Feldman (to whom the trio tip their hats with the opener ‘Edgewise’) used to create pure beauty.
– Karsten Zimalla westzeit.de, 2017

Great competence is generously displayed in the interweaving of goal-orientation with flexibility, cautiousness with consequential follow-through, and elaboration with ad hoc situations. For the ears.
– Concerto, 2017


Fotos © Guillermo Luz Y Graf