08.05.2007_Station to Station

Jason Seizer (Saxophon)
Filip Wisniewski (Gitarre)
Walter Lang (Klavier)
Martin Zenker (Kontrabass)
Rick Hollander (Schlagzeug, Gesang)

Station to Station is a collection of new and newly conceived songs from Rick Hollander’s imagination. These songs tell his story and their story with a fresh, lean sound.

While this music is bold and new it tells of events in life that are familiar to us all. The themes are simple, human and yet the outcome is unusually original. There’s a thread running through all their music and that thread is Station to Station’s unique approach to compositions whose influences stem all the way back to Hollander’s earliest musical roots. Jazz, blues and soul along with British rock and early twentieth century modern classical music make up the mix. When the two front-men combine their forces the overall effect is big and wide. The listener is struck with the thought that what they hear couldn’t happen any other way; it couldn’t. The support from the piano, bass and drums needs to be of equal weight and dimension; it is.

Over 15 years of experience playing together catapults Hollander, Lang and Zenker into a musical orbit that’s all their own. There’s warmth, friction and joy in everything they do. Wisniewski adds an uncommon point of view to each musical moment he encounters and Seizer can best be described as a wild card that no game worth playing should be without. But throughout its Hollander’s pen that sets the tone and lays forth the vision that the group navigates itself through. The music is swinging, rocking, soft, loud, stunning, inviting and unique.

Rick Hollander was born in Detroit, Michigan in November of 1956. He began drumming at the age of nine, studying with Roy Brooks and Gene Stewart. Rick moved to New York City in 1979 and Munich, Germany in 1991. Spanning his career Hollander has enjoyed close musical associations with Albert Sarko, Dick Seigel, Walt Weiskopf, Tim Armacost, Christain Willisohn and Walter Lang. Hollander has worked worldwide with such jazz greats as Roy Hargrove, James Moody, Brad Mehldau, Steve Houben, Woody Shaw, and Philip Catherine, among others. Rick’s signature drumming style is featured on over 30 CD’s.